Why i want to go to spain essay

Hope I will get enough money for traveling to Barcelona and reach one of my dreams. I lit my cigarette and started drinking my cappuccino when the group we met last night approached us. This is the most traditional place in Madrid.

People say that here one can try the best food in Spain.

spain vs switzerland travel

The club was too big and there were a lot of people inside. Another staple in Spanish life is soccer, referred to as futbol. We walked to the voice and there was a young man who looked like he was Spanish and an one old man whom I recognized from the flight.

spain travel map

And what the Moors left behind Not to forget, Granada, where the Alhambra is found. The Spanish Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada provide surprisingly great ski opportunities. We were lucky because our flight was delayed.

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Barcelona (where would you like to travel and why)