Write address in spanish

write address in spanish

In some Latin American countries addresses can be very messy. Once you form the habit, it is hard to break. Use estimado or estimada instead.

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They did. Es una casa antigua de color verde Where do you live? Good luck with your townhouse.

Spanish address abbreviations

Use of a comma is seen as an Anglicism. The post goes everywhere but where it should. Earle Hi, I am soon going to take ownership of a townhouse in Spain, and wantsome help understanding their postal addresses, After you've written down the date, you will want to address the person you are writing to. One of the reasons is that some countries in Latin America lack the correct city planning to name streets or assign numbers to all the houses. Here are some examples about ways to ask and say your email address in Spanish. They understand each other, you fool. This reminds me of a fellow from Argentina who came to work in Seattle. Everyone cracked up after we figured out what this fellow was driving at. There appears to be information here that is redundant, but it may be helpful for the local mail delivery personnel.

Notice in the last two examples that perhaps the easiest way to say an address would be by using a place as reference and describing the place you want to get to. We Anglos are used to learning the accent with every word, while you Hispanics have a more sensible system.

This reminds me of a fellow from Argentina who Ooohh c'mon, give us a break, willyah?

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How To Write a Business and Personal Letter in Spanish