Writing a results for science project

Sometimes this analysis will yield tables, graphs, or charts, too. If you entered the data into a chart as you collected it, you may already see a pattern.

how to write a conclusion for a science project

One common suggested change is to increase the sample size since a larger sample is usually better for science experiments. Analyze Your Procedure You will want to summarize your experimental procedure and comment on whether or not your procedure was effective for answering your scientific question.

You may find it helpful to fill out the science fair lab report template to prepare your report. Discuss exactly how your project supports this, and what may be gained from the additional research. For example, if you expected your ants to like donuts but they all went to the hot dogs, you might think that salt or protein was more important to the ants than sugars or carbohydrates.

Related Articles. Was the hypothesis supported keep in mind a hypothesis cannot be proved, only disproved?

writing a results for science project

So, you will need to describe the purpose of your study. Discuss Conflicting Explainations or Unexpected Findings The discussion section is the place to provide an in-depth look at your experiment and address any ways that you could have made it better.

Many scientists refine the study findings and clear any misconceptions from previous research. Data refers to the actual numbers or other information you obtained in your project. The conclusion is simply a report about what you learned based on whether the results agree or disagree with your hypothesis.

science fair results template

Typically, an introduction, materials and procedures, results, discussion, conclusion and references are the main parts of any science project presentation or paper.

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How to Write up a Science Experiment: 11 Steps (with Pictures)